Friday, November 6, 2015

Lip Reviews!

Well, my original thought for this blog was that it would serve as a sort of beauty diary to keep track of different issues that we all go through. But since we haven't really been keeping up with that, I've decided that I need to start some lip reviews. I know that there a million out there already, but I think I can provide a unique perspective. I have freckles on my lips, so for me, finding a really good, truly opaque lipstick is a life long mission. Not that I have a problem with my lip freckles, but I don't want them showing all the time. I have a fuck ton of lip products at this point in my life, so I am going to try to use a different one every day, posting a review and possibly swatches etc as well. My lips are really weird and don't tend to photograph very well, but I will try to get some pics too so that you can see the opacity level.

I intend to post a bare lip picture at some point, so you can see the freckle lip before lipstick. That way you know what we are dealing with. I just can't post right now because I have lipstick on!

Here is my disclaimer:

These reviews are just about how they work out for me. They may not have the same wear time on someone else, or the same opacity, creamy/dry feeling, whatever else. I am not a professional, I don't know wtf I am doing with makeup most of the time, but I like to explore new products and try to give an informed opinion. Anyone is free to leave a comment with their own opinion as long as it is respectful to other people. If something does not work out that great for me, it does not necessarily mean it is a bad product. Sometimes things just work out differently for different people. That said, I may on occasion say that something IS a bad product, but whatever, that's just my experience with it.

Also, Matte lip products are usually on the dry side just by nature of being matte, so if I talk about a product being not that drying, I mean for a matte. Any matte is still going to be more drying than a glossy or creamy product, and it will really never be hydrating. This does not bother me that much, to an extent. There are definitely some products out there that I can NOT handle how dry they are. You should usually always exfoliate your lips before using a matte product as well. If you have been having trouble with mattes, I highly suggest trying that out before giving up completely.

If there is something about a product that I forget to mention, or if you have questions about anything I say, let me know! I am trying to be as thorough as I can but I may forget things!

Also: My intent is to do one every day that I wear a different lip product, mostly on work days, but I may forget so in that case, TOO BAD.

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